Oak – American, white

Oak – American, white

Size of tree and type of forest/location: Common medium –sized hardwoods of central North America.

Description of wood: Heartwood pale yellow-brown to mid-brown, sometimes with a pink tinge. Sapwood almost white, but not always clearly differentiated. Texture coarse. Grain usually straight. Large rays.
Dry density kg/m3: 750

Workability: Relatively easy to work to a smooth finish. Glues satisfactorily. Very good for steam bending. Tends to corrode iron and leas; advisable to use only non-ferrous metal in contact with the wood to avoid black iron tannate stains.

Use: Furniture, flooring, carving. Because of the impermeability of the heartwood it is highly esteemed for vats and casks for the maturing of wine and spirits.

Availability: Commercially available