Thin Timber

By Rupert Goodall
Article in Australian Woodworker, Sept/Oct 2002 edition.

The day Teak and Fancy Timbers bandsaw and wide belt sanding machine arrived, I knew we could suddenly offer a tantalising range of timber sizes, providing construction ideas I’d only previously dreamed of. We quickly find out that stellite toothed blades allow us to cut up 300 mm (12 inch deep) with a very fine kerf and minimum wastage. Soft, medium and hardwoods were successfully cut, the sanding machine providing perfect backup to finish timbers down to 1 mm thickness. We then built a laminating rack to allow us to accurately edge glue ‘thick veneers’ before sanding and we now have a range of customers finding availability of sheets of timber say 13 feet (4 metre) by 3 feet (900 mm) by 2 or 4 or 6 mm thick very useful. We have noticed lightweight composite application of timber seemed particularly recognised. Our range of light wood timbers and ‘book matching’ service provides interest for aero models, musical instrument makers, and fine cabinet making. We are finding growing demand for 3 or 4 mm (1/8 inch) veneer glued onto ply or custom wood.