Pythons and Burmese Teak

By Rupert Goodall
Article in QLD Yachting quarterly, August 2002 edition.

The forklifts were at maximum capacity unloading the three tonne pack of Burmese Teak off the Semi-trailer fresh from the docks. This process is repeated as global sourced timbers are replaced. You can imagine our surprise as we restock our teak shelves when a 3-foot carpet python was found snoozing amongst the giant teak boards. Machines were switched off and staff gathered around as Arthur, foreman at Teak and Fancy Timbers and senior cabinet maker of 35 years experience, happily grabbed the snake, declaring to us that as a young man in Cairns he had the nickname of “Snake-man”. Anyway, when Arthur and the lads aren’t enjoying themselves playing with snakes, they are enjoying themselves in a state of the art workshop surrounded by stacks of beautiful timber from around the world. We get to meet lots of ‘boaties’ either building, renovating or just plain playing around with boats. Lots of boaties we only get to talk to on the computer or by phone. In a nutshell, if you want timber for your boat or home we are certainly worth contacting. We gear ourselves to supplying you with material suitably prepared to dovetail into your workshop facilities and skill level.

Historically the company was a timber boat building company which didn’t change to fibreglass production, instead it specialised in timber componentry and moldings to individuals exact requirements. Our range of products has expanded to now encompass boats, kitchens, furniture and musical componentry and any kit to suit any project you may require. Over the years the company has expanded to carry a global inventory of dry timber and state of the art workshop driven by experienced tradesmen who take a pride in their work.

Fair winds and following seas from the Teak and Fancy Timbers crew.