VW Dormi-Van Pop Top

We’ve been involved in providing timber framing for very old car restorations, and also some “woody” cult station wagons synonymous with the surfing culture as indeed we are involved with timber for Malibu boards, however, the timber pop top was certainly interesting. The client was renovating the camper-van for “shows only” and therefore was less concerned about timber durability and more about aesthetics.

The timber chosen was an African Species KOTO, a very bland timber of medium to hard density. Templates were provided for the roof profile. The images really describe the best of the story, epoxy glue was used and a couple of dowels for strength in the corner assemblies. The fore and aft slats were half checked into the cross frames. The temporary spaces were removed after the epoxy had cured. The assembled job was varnished by the owner and a canvas skirt was fitted into the inside of the timber frame.