Step Treads in Papa New Guinea Rosewood

We were recently commissioned by a building company to manufacture two sets of highly specified step treads to be used in conjunction with stainless steel to form a centre piece for a working display.

The timber was finished in a two pac urethane finish.

The straight steps – including landing, featured tapered ends, in laid non-slip stainless strips – were accurately manufactured with pre-drilled holes for assembly on site using amazing stainless fastening systems. Our timber stocks were large enough to make the step treads from solid timber, i.e. not laminated.

The spiral step treads required laminating as the width was over 300 mm. We did this using the same board for each tread and thus keeping the colour matched. The treads were made from a template to allow accurate manufacture for on site assembly.

I think the photos speak for themselves; the combination of PNG Rosewood and stainless looking particularly effective.