Powder-coated Aluminium Sliding Gates and Fence Security Panels

We had already completed a timber bridge walkway over a water feature for this fabulous very contemporary, waterside home. The front yard was effectively a water garden enclosed with a composite wall of stone, bagged block with a stainless steel finish powder coated aluminium gates, and fence panels. It was decided that if we attached a 19/4 mm strip of teak using epoxy along each strip of ‘ali’ it would both enhance and soften the overall effect! The aluminium was 25 mm wide thus there was a thin strip of aluminium seen either side of the teak.

To ensure a durable bond the area of aluminium was sanded to remove the paint and provide a keyed non-oxidized bonding surface. A two pack epoxy was used and after applying approximately ten strips, packaging tape was applied at 60cm or 2 foot centres to provide medium pressure for complete contact during overnight cure. The next day the tape was removed and the teak was lightly sanded. We hope you like the effect as seen in the images.