Bathroom Vanity

BATHROOM VANITY in Peruvian Walnut

Firstly, this is not a true walnut, think more of clear grade hoop pine by density and grain, and change the colour to dark chocolate. It’s a great colour, easy to work and provides a striking colour contrast to polished aluminium, stainless and ceramic as seen in the photographs.

The project was simple enough; laminate strips of the timber to size and then sand through a wide belt sander. The top was then trimmed to size before the drops were glued into place. We used an epoxy glue called Techniglue (available nationally from ATL Composites by phoning (07) 5537 7636) for this application as it is a wet area, although, I can’t emphasise strongly enough that all surfaces must be sealed to prevent water damage. It is important to pay particular attention to ‘cut out’ areas and under surfaces that so often receive no protection. If timber is coated on one surface only it is very likely to cup, not to mention susceptible to water degrade. As the photographs show the dark brown against the white ceramic provides a very contemporary look.