Sikta Spruce – Spar grade

Sikta Spruce – Spar gradeSize of tree and type of forest/location: A large softwood of the west coast of North America, from northern California to Alaska.

Description of wood: Heartwood pale pinkish-brown. Sapwood creamy but not always very distinct from the heartwood. Texture relatively fine. Grain usually straight but fast growth logs can have quite a lot of spiral grain around the pith.
Dry density kg/m3: 430

Workability: Easy to work. Glues and nails satisfactorily.

Use: Joinery, oars, sounding board for musical instruments, masts, spars, boat building. Because of it’s relatively high strength to density ratio is has been a favoured species for light aircraft construction.

Availability: Scarce (IN STOCK NOW….28 JUNE 2012)