Redwood – Californian

Size of tree and type of forest/location: A slow growing softwood, and one of the largest trees in the world; native to the damper regions of the Californian coast. Very selective of site. A small amount has been planted in New Zealand and occasionally small shipments of the timber come from here.

Description of wood: Heartwood pale to dark reddish brown. Sapwood narrow and creamy. Texture fine and usually even because there is little difference between the earlywood and latewood. Grain straight. Not resinous.
Dry density kg/m3: 450

Workability: Easy to work. Sanding dust can be irritant to the nose. Use non-ferrous fixings. Glues satisfactorily. Good base for coatings.

Use: Cladding, panelling, external joinery, outdoor furniture, windows, greenhouses, plywood, vats, tanks, pattern making.

Availability: Scarce managed species.