About Us

From trinket builders to palatial fit-outs, we at Woodworld welcome enquiries from anybody who is interested in timber.

Our speciality is providing dressed, laminated, moulded and sanded timber to a point of completion that dovetails into the user’s skill and workshop facilities.

Unlike general suppliers, we try to accommodate your specific and exact size requirements. This level of semi-finished componentry provides you the opportunity to confidently tackle projects of a more ambitious nature.

Modern office facilities provide easy communications to clarify, quote and fine-tune your enquiries and questions. Located close to international air and seaports, Woodworld can transport your kits to your workshop.

Woodworld started out as a timber boat building company, which, unlike other boat builders, didn’t change to fibreglass production. Instead it specialised in timber componentry and mouldings to individuals’ exact requirements.

Our range of products has expanded to now encompass boats, kitchens, furniture and musical componentry and any kit to suit any project you may require.

Over the years we have expanded our stock to carry a global inventory of dry timber and invested in a state of the art workshop operated by experienced tradesmen who take a pride in their work.